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C.Plath - Hamburg

Service & Warranty

50-year manufacturer's warranty

We are convinced by the quality of our C.Plath compasses and offer an additional manufacturer’s warranty of 50 years for our Venus and Merkur models under the prerequisite that you accept our own warranty contract by submitting the completed warranty contract as well as subjecting your compass to the 5-year maintenance intervals which are available for a charge.
For the quality of our products we vouch for with our good name and thus grant our customers an additional manufacturer’s warranty of 50 years as of delivery date.

How do I receive the 50-year manufacturer’s warranty?
All you need to do is to fill out and return our warranty card in order to accept our independent warranty contract and to use our 5-year maintenance intervals, which are available for a charge.

In order to ensure that your C.Plath compass will always be 100% “the original”, we cannot accept the maintenance of external manufacturers while granting the warranty.

What does the manufacturer’s warranty include?
With this manufacturer’s warranty we guarantee – independent of your legal warranty rights –additionally to upkeep the essential condition and proper functioning of your compass provided that the damage is not caused by force majeure, mechanical effects, improper handling or unauthorised maintenance.

Who grants the manufacturer’s warranty?
For all warranty claims we as manufacturer serve as your contact .

How does the C.Plath compass maintenance service work?
Very easy and uncomplicated. You send us your compass within the 5-year-mode, our experienced compass experts will then carry out the maintenance. Thereafter we return the fully functional compass, which was put to the acid test, immediately to you.

To which address do I have to send the compass to observe the maintenance cycle?Place the C.Plath compass in the safe C.Plath cube (if present) and pack it into a well-padded, sturdy carton.

Address: Hein & Oetting Feinwerktechnik GmbH, Merkurring 86, 22143 Hamburg, Germany, Phone: +49 (40) 66 85 90 - 77


Our maintenance service for your C.Plath compass

What does a maintenance include?
It includes a general overhaul with the replacement of all wear and tear parts:

  • replacement of membrane and the compass liquid
  • replacement of the mechanical wear and tear parts like pivot and jewel
  • treatment of the compass and test of the correct position of cage and card
  • if required newly adjusted and sealed
  • the lubber lines are controlled and if required aligned or replaced.

Afterwards the C.Plath compass is assembled and filled under vacuum.
In the scope of the quality check, thereafter your compass is put into a climate chamber for a temperature test, where it has to pass a cycle between – 30 degrees and + 60 degrees with each 6 hours holding time. Then the friction and the deviation error of the card are tested on a test stand. This way your compass is ready for operation for many years again and you can completely rely on it.

How long will it take to maintain your C.Plath compass?
Approximately 14 calendar days.

Repair costs:
Merkur = maintenance + replacement of the defect elements: 246,00 € gross

Venus = maintenance + replacement of the defect elements: 284,00 € gross

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